Car Loan – 5 Tips to Save on the Purchase of your New Car

The “Salon conditions” that the dealers unpack in January and February are the signal for many to buy a new car at the best price. But is this also the best period for purchasing your new car?

Gocar compared the selling prices of the most sold models during the last three months, and the brands with which the company often cooperates.

We already give you a few tips to save considerably on your new car

car loan

Aim for cars that are in stock at the dealers.

According to the RTBF consumer program On n’est pas des Pigeons, most dealers absolutely want to get rid of their stocks before the end of the year, so that they have room for the new models again. They are therefore often prepared to give large discounts. And there is another advantage: you don’t have to wait long.

Play the competitors against each other.

We do not only mean competition between brands, but also between dealers of a certain brand. According to the website, many manufacturers at the end of the year award premiums to dealers who meet their sales objectives. If a dealer just does not succeed, he is more willing to reduce his profit margin . A matter of looking and comparing.

Choose the right model.

car loan

A real price war is raging in the automotive sector and the brands use discounts as a commercial weapon throughout the year. You never pay the list price and the discounts vary between 5 and 20%, depending on the model. The more recent and exclusive the model is, the lower the discount. And since the commercial margin on luxury cars is larger, larger discounts can also be found there .

Aim at the options.

The dealers often earn more from the options and can therefore also offer a larger discount . Or you even give an option as a gift.

Choose a Geeks car loan

Choose a Geeks car loan

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In addition to purchasing your dream car, there are also the high costs, including gasoline or diesel. For this we recommend the Geeks Q8 World MasterCard, which gives you a 4% discount on Q8 during the first three months. Afterwards you can still enjoy a 2% discount on your refueling, and a 0.5% discount on all your other purchases.


There is still nothing like the Motor Show to compare models or buy the latest model of the year. But if you know what you want and don’t necessarily have to drive in the most recent model, it may be interesting to buy your car by the end of the year.

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